How To Choose a Wedding Photographer

Most of us have dreamed, hoped, and waited for that moment where we would find the man or woman of our dreams.  We can’t wait to be engaged to them and get our own “Happily Ever Afters.”  In the midst of our dreaming, we may forget to think about all of the logistics, stress, and hustle that goes into planning a Wedding Day. A recent survey done by the wedding registry company, Zola, found that 22% of newlyweds wish they’d spend more on a photographer for their big day. After reading about this I was inspired to make a blog post that I thought would be helpful for newly engaged couples!

 I’ve been shooting Weddings for the past three years and have some experience in hearing what people are looking for on their Wedding Days.  A lot of couples that have reached out to me almost always share that they’re on a budget.  I have student loans, bills, etc. I completely understand what being on a budget is like. However, there is a ton that Wedding Photographer’s get hired to do on your day! (Gear, finding an assistant, travel, editing for hours, etc.) The number one thing I would recommend to newly engaged couples is to make room in your budget for a decent Photographer.  If I were honest, I would suggest putting aside $2,500-$4,500.00 to spend on a Photographer’s services.  Many moments and investments from your Wedding Day will fade, but you’ll have your pictures forever.

The second thing I would recommend to couples is to find a Photographer who knows what they’re doing.  Do they show consistency in their work? Ask to see samples of galleries of prior Weddings they’ve been hired to shoot. The Wedding Photography market is highly saturated, and there are a lot of people out there who have no idea what they’re doing.   I went to a Photography School and obtained a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis on Portraiture.  We were taught a ton about color balance, exposure, and handling files.  Make sure your Photographer knows how to use their gear in all types of lighting.

The final and most important piece of advice I would give is to find a Photographer that you connect with.   About 90% of my couples say they feel awkward in front of the camera.  I like to use prompts while shooting my couples to get a natural response from them.  Helping them interact with one another so that they’re more focused on one another and less focused on nerves! I include engagement sessions in my Wedding Packages as well, which helps them to connect with my shooting style so that they know how they’re Wedding Day will go!  When working with a Photographer it’s not just about them creating something, but about all three of you working together to create something. Ask your Photographer what their shooting style is.  Take some time to understand how they work during Wedding Days.   I like to meet with potential clients for a drink or a cup of coffee! You will appreciate the time you’ve invested if you connect with a Photographer in person.

Congratulations on your engagement, and good luck on your search! :)

Danielle + Tyler

I was so excited when Danielle and Tyler reached out to me to photograph them! <3 I’ve known Danielle for the past several years, and it has been so sweet to see her love story unfold with Tyler.  These two met while they both worked at a construction company in Santa Barbara.  While Tyler had a crush on Danielle for quite some time, it took her a little while to have the same feelings! 

I adore when love stories blossom out of friendship. 

We got to take their images in a gorgeous park here in Santa Barbara. The session ended with us catching the sunset at one of the most beautiful beaches. 

Danielle + Tyler:  I am SO happy for the two of you. I can’t wait to photograph your Wedding in November! xoxo

Karla + Phil

 Karla + Phil had such a beautiful Wedding at a winery in the hills of San Luis Obispo, California. With their three precious boys, their large family, and all of their friends, their wedding day was truly out of a dream.

 One of my favorite parts of their day was during their ceremony. The light that fell on the two of them was so golden and matched the emotions happening. From Phil’s tears as he watched his bride walk down the aisle, to Karla’s passion during her vows. Golden light for golden love. 

 We got to escape for a bit to get some couple’s portraits of them during sunset. They were so easy to direct and photograph.

 If any of you are worried about getting your pictures taken on your wedding day, that feeling will disappear as soon as you’re with your love. 

 Congratulations, Karla + Phil! Your love will carry you through the years. <3

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