Steil family at the ocean!

  I was so excited when Heather reached out to me to set up a portrait session with her family!

 When I first arrived we were all a little bit overwhelmed by how windy it was.  Luckily I was working with a family with great senses of humor and patience.  The golden hour light approached and we were graced with beautiful golden light! 

The family was together to celebrate the wedding anniversary of their parents/grandparents! This sweet couple celebrated their 50th anniversary! 

It was a joy working with all of you! <3 Enjoy your images!

Love Built Over Time

While I was in South Dakota I got the pleasure of photographing Lowell & Twyla.  I was immediately welcomed into their cozy home in the small town of Hartford, South Dakota.  They were very open in to share some advice about marriage which included always being honest, and remembering to have fun.  I also got a tour of their home. Lowell showed me a few epic fish he has caught! Twyla also showed me her incredible quilt collection! I have never seen such a beautiful collection of quilts. 

This gorgeous couple will be celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary in October. 

Lowell & Twyla: Thank you for giving me an opportunity to see and capture your love.  I enjoyed the gentleness and sweetness of how you see one another. 

Pugh’s at Hendry’s Beach

  It was a great joy to be able to work with Allen and Janine’s sweet family.  The morning we shot was filled with giggles, jumping, playing in the sand, petting dogs, and getting some great family portraits in. 

With six girls and just one boy, their cute grandbabies were a blast to get portraits of! 

I love families.  I love families that love one another and have fun together.

Now check out this beautiful family portrait session from a day at the beach! 

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