Tara & Chip

The first time I met Tara and Chip I was immediately drawn to their laid back attitudes.  They were both super polite, kind, and funny! I knew right away that they were the kind of clients I wanted to work with. 

I love that each couple I photograph has such giant personality.  I think that the series of images I share with you from their day will fit them even more if you hear their love story.  They started out as friends and fell in love over the course of  several card games (all of which Tara won, of course. ;) ).  Chip stole Tara’s heart with his sense of humor, and shortly after stole their first kiss. 

During their engagement, which was a beautiful sunny day at the beach, Chip got down on one knee to propose and began to sink.  He literally had to dig himself out of the wet sand to continue with the biggest question of his life!   

As you can see, this couple loves to laugh, and they deeply love one another!

I am continually blown away by what a gift it is to not only know the Bride and Groom more throughout their day but to also get to know their family.  Their family was one of the sweetest groups of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with throughout the day. 

Their ceremony took place at the courthouse in beautiful Santa Barbara.  Their reception took place at a gorgeous restaurant! They had a very lovely and simple day.  No extravagant decorations or grand entrances. Being surrounded by close friends and family was the complete focus of their day. <3

Tara & Chip: You are both so wonderful.  The joy you have for one another is so genuine.  Thank you for letting me photograph your day!

Rika & Mitch

I was so excited when Mitch and Rika first contacted me! They were looking for a photographer, not to shoot their wedding, but just to shoot them in their wedding attire! That means a full few hours of complete focus on the bride and groom.  Pretty much every photographer’s dream. :) 

This gorgeous couple met in Japan in 2012 while Mitch was stationed there.  They didn’t become official until 2013 but had the same group of friends the whole time they weren’t together so got to know each other that way.  Mitch has been serving in the navy for 6 years now, which is such a blessing to our country, thank you, Mitch.  They were married in Japan.  ( I got to see a picture of them in traditional kimonos, so cool!)

I loved working with such a wonderful couple.  It was a joy to get to know the both of them and see their personalities come out.  One of their favorite things about one another is the sense of humor they both share! It was obvious after being around them that that was a great part of their relationship!  They also brought their adorable dog, Kohta, which means “happy boy” in Japanese. 

From sweet kisses, twirls, and gorgeous weather, this shoot was literally a dream. 

Rika purchased her gorgeous wedding dress and shoes in Japan! They were both so beautiful and unique!

Thank you for sharing your love with me, you two <3 Enjoy your images!  

Jackie and Kyle

The second I met Jackie and Kyle I knew that they were going to be wonderful to work with.  I was immediately touched by their kindness, sincerity, and love for one another.  

These two met in high school! (I love the high school sweethearts stories!!)  Jackie was immediately touched by Kyle’s kindness and gentleness. Since then they have been inseparable.   I loved watching them interact with one another when they first showed their venue.  It was clear that there was a deep trust for one another, and that they were more than ready for their wedding day!! Jackie and Kyle love to adventure, but one of their most favorite things is being at home cooking together while listening to their favorite records.   

Their venue took place at a gorgeous lemon orchard! A view of the mountains, hundreds of lemons trees, and deeper in the country away from the city noise.  It could not get any more perfect than this for a couple who loves quiet, intentional time with one another and friends!  

Their day was filled with love, cheers, laughter and joy for them as they tied the knot.  

Jackie & Kyle:  Your love is so sweet! Thank you for inviting me to be apart of your day! 

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