Fall in Santa Barbara

Ericka, Kellen, and Ellie are such special clients to me!  Ericka gave me the honor of letting me photograph her for my first maternity and baby shoot! (Mad props to newborn photographers, babies are hard!) It has been such a joy to watch little Ellie grow into such a beautiful little girl and document her little life.  It’s also been so sweet to watch Ericka and Kellen turn into parents who love on their little girl so much. 

We managed to find a little bit of fall in our sunshine state and we had a blast.  I would say that Ellie had the most fun, she loved playing in the leaves we found!

Enjoy these images of this gorgeous family!


Schock Family

It was so wonderful to work with the sweet Schock family! We had quite the adventure trying to get these two little’s to share their sweet smiles with us! <3   Between the fun playground we were at and the joined effort of Sharon and David, I would say it was a success! 

It’s always refreshing to get a break from photographing wedding’s to get some time with wonderful families like the Schocks. 


Tianna & Jay

  I was so excited when Tianna and Jay reached out to me to photograph their day! I can honestly say that their wedding has been one of my favorites to shoot to this day! From their dreamy decorations to Tianna’s gorgeous dress, and last but not least, their genuine love for one another.  In other words, their wedding was literally every photographer’s dream!

Jay and Tianna met while selling handbags together at Nordstrom in Thousand Oaks, California! (So great :D)  They were friends for about a year and eventually realized that they were super attracted to one another.  (I love when a love story starts with the two having a solid friendship!)  Tianna was patient and waited 7 years for Jay to finish school and get in a place where he was ready to propose.   The two eventually got engaged in their hotel bathroom in Las Vegas.  Tianna explained that he had had intentions to propose somewhere else, but he was so nervous he had to get it over with and ended up purposing to her right then and there!   Jay was so nervous he was literally shaking, but Tianna was quick to get rid of his nerves with her giant yes for an answer. :) 

Flash forward to their wedding day and this couple had the fairytale wedding they had always hoped for. 

It was so sweet to see a couple so deeply in love with one another.  One of my favorite parts of the day was when Jay saw Tianna during their first look and couldn’t quit telling her how beautiful she was.  My heart was also melting while watching this couple dance and interact with one another throughout the day.  

Tianna and Jay: You are quite possibly the sweetest couple I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! <3 Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your day!


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