Steven & Kalia: Engagement Session

  I was excited to be reached out to by Kalia for engagement pictures.  I got to photograph these two love birds while I was home visiting South Dakota!  First off, I want to say that these two absolutely rocked it! It started to snow while we were shooting, and it was freezing out!!  These two were able to stay focused and get some great poses in before we had to call it quits because of the cold.  

Thank you for braving the cold, Steven and Kalia.  You were both so sweet and comfortable with one another. <3

  It was fun hearing about their love story.  Steven was a really great friend to Kalia during a breakup she had with her ex.  He would continually do whatever it took to brighten up her day by bringing her flowers, planning special adventures for the two of them and her two girls.    After that, Kalia was in love! The two now have Kalia’s two precious girls, as well as a child of their own. 

I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in August! 

Kelley & Stuart

  When I first met Kelley and Stuart for coffee I knew that they were going to be a dream couple to work with.  They are so kind, funny, and completely in love with one another!   It is normally my job as a photographer to get the couple to feel as comfortable and free as possible with me, but I found myself being so welcomed and accepted by them! Their presence together immediately made me feel so at home.   They were both quick to share stories and much laughter. 

I love hearing each couple’s story.  It paints such a picture for me of how the couples I’m photographing have come to know and love one another so dearly.   Kelley and Stuart first met through their mutual friend, Zachary.  It was Stuart’s Birthday and Kelley was told to come to a party at his house.   It ended up just being Kelley, Zachary, Stuart and another friend.   Romance filled the evening as they ended up going to the Santa Monica where they rode the Ferris wheel on the pier.  (For those of you who haven’t been to the Santa Monica Pier at night, it seriously looks like something out of a dream.  Ocean waves surrounding you, beautiful lights, cotton candy, etc.)   When Stuart, being the Southern gentlemen that he was, bought Kelley a hot chocolate and a chocolate-chip cookie, she became immediately hooked!  ( As said by Geneen Roth, “Chocolate, I am sure, is the concrete manifestation of love.”) :) 

Stuart and Kelley celebrated their 6 years together one week after their wedding. 

What asked about their favorite date together, Kelley shared that on their three year anniversary Stuart had set up an incredibly romantic evening that went above and beyond her expectations.   They went to a delicious restaurant called Animal in Beverly Grove, danced the night away, and stayed in a very beautiful and romantic room. 

These two were so surrounded by love, joy, encouragement, and friendship at their wedding!  They were so attentive to each guest!  They had a gorgeous ceremony with golden light surrounding them and a view of the mountains nearby. 

Congratulations Stuart and Kelley! You were a genuine joy to work with. <3 

Prahm Family

  It was such a joy working with this sweet family! I have been photographing younger babies the past couple of family sessions, so it was exciting to experience the uniqueness of working with kids a little bit older!

This family is gorgeous, as you will see, and their dynamic was wonderful!  I could not have asked for better clients to work with on such a beautiful evening. 


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