The Adventurer

There once was a girl from Sioux Falls, South Dakota who fell in love with her camera.  Upon falling in love with her camera, she decided to leave everything she knew behind and venture to Santa Barbara, California.  There, she attended Brooks Institute and learned more than her heart could have ever  imagined.

In Case You're Curious

 I am married to the love of my life, Pasha.  I enjoy seeing the beauty in the world around me.  I am often lost in painting, writing poetry, or reading a great book.  I love coffee, questions, and movies.     

What's a shoot like with Candice?

 About 90% of the couples I work with are uncomfortable in front of the camera.  I strive to create an environment for my couple's to feel as free and comfortable with one another as possible. I give my clients suggestions with interactions and posing that will help them focus on one another during our shoot.  Authentic, romantic, and free are words I would use to describe my style of shooting. 

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